Algebraic Long Division 2

This applet investigates how to divide a quartic polynomial by a quadratic one using polynomial division (algebraic long division)

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

UK Years 12-13, KS5, AS and A2 Level Core Mathematics - Algebra
US Grade 11-12 - Algebra 2


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How to Use this Applet

This program shows the stages you need to do in order to perform a long division of algebraic expressions. In this case it is a quartic expression divided by a quadratic one.
Every time you click "New Problem" you get an new random division to do. If you tick the box labelled "harder", the problems set will be a little more difficult.

Clicking the "Next Step" button shows the next stage of the calculation, and an explanation at the bottom of the screen.
At the end the solution to the problem is given.
To get the most out of this you should try to follow and understand each stage thoroughly. Good luck!