Amoeba Board Game

I used to love playing Amoeba as a kid. Later, friends and I found a set and we realised what a wonderful, cut-throat game it is. It is also very strategic and thought-provoking; you need good spatial awareness. Most of all you need ruthlessness! Does anyone know if this game, Amoeba, is still in copyright? It was "A Marx Game" by Louis Marx and Company which stopped trading in 1978, but I have been unable to find out who now holds the copyright. Can you help? I would like to be able to develop an online version - player versus computer!

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Clicking the middle of any of the tiles in this 7-by-7 grid will rotate the tile through 90°. Try it.

There were 52 cards with shapes drawn on them; each card had a points score from 1 to 5. The object of the game was to make the shapes on the cards, which were dealt out so that each player had three. They then took it in turns to rotate the tiles one-by-one to try to make the shape on one of their cards.

Examples of some of the cards are shown on the right. You could rotate your card to find a match but not reflect; the two images at the bottom are mirror images so they are not the same shape.
If your shape appeared on the grid (either from your move or someone else's) then you shouted AMOEBA! and claimed the number of points on the card. You then claimed another card from the deck and had another move.

At the end the player with the most points was the winner.