Coordinate Geometry 1 - Lengths and Mid-points of Line Segments

Use this applet to investigate how to find the length of a line segment on a Cartesian coordinate plane, using Pythagoras' Rule (Pythagorean Theorem), and also to find the coordinates of the mid-point of that line segment.

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

UK Years 12-13, KS5, Core 1 & 2 (C1, C2 ) GCE AS Mathematics, Coordinate Geometry


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How to Use this Applet

You can study two things using this applet.
• How to calculate the length of a line segment.
• How to calculate the mid-point of a line segment.
You can choose between the two by clicking one of the buttons at the top. You will then see the calculations on the right, which you can also hide by unchecking the box. You can move the two points A and B in two ways
• Click and drag them to new positions
• Press the "Random" button at the top to move them to random positions on the grid. Learn and enjoy!