Transformations of functions - exponential functions

Instructions below

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The applet on this page is designed to help you understand and visualize the behaviour of exponential functions and their graphs.
The general exponential function has the form: AeBx + C + D, where e is the Euler Constant (= 2.71828....).
Varying A, B, C and D changes the curve. By investigating the effects of varying these different parameters, you should develop a feel for the behaviour of these very important functions.

Sometimes you will see a grey line parallel to the x-axis. This is an asymptote. The function gets closer and closer to this line, but never crosses it. The rest of the instructions are easy to guess at, so I'll let you get on with it!
Challenge! - Pressing "Random Curve" will generate a curve in yellow. Try to cover the yellow curve with the white one by adjusting the parameters. It's not easy, but have a go!

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