Arithmetic of Fractions

Use this free online fraction calculator to learn how to do fractions, equivalent fractions, cancelling fractions, changing from vulgar or improper (top-heavy) fractions to mixed fractions (mixed numbers) and back, and adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators by finding a common denominator, and multiplying and dividing two fractions.

UK Years 5-11, KS2, KS3, KS4, Foundation GCSE Mathematics, Grades E - C, Number

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

US Grade 6, Grade 7 - Number - Pre-Algebra


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How to Use this Applet

The idea behind this applet is to play around and really get a feel for fractions and how they behave.
At the start there are two fractions, A and B, drawn as mixed numbers, and next to them you'll the same fractions drawn as vulgar (improper) fractions (top-heavy fractions).
By clicking the four buttons at the bottom you can add, subtract, multiply or divide the two fractions. Click one of those buttons to see what happens. You can learn alot by looking carefully at how the calculations are done. If you want to set challenges for yourself or others then you can click "hide" to hide the working.

You can change the fractions A and B in two ways:
 • By clicking the "random A" and "random B" buttons you get new fractions randomly. Try it.
 • By clicking the red dots (near A and B) and dragging them you can change the different parts of the fraction and get any fraction you want. It takes some practice but have a try.
By clicking the "reset" button you can get back to the fractions you started with.
To make things easier you can work with simple (proper) fractions by checking the "simple fractions" box at the top.
Play around! Learn as you have fun!