A hidden words puzzle using words in Spanish with the theme of food and drink
Instructions below
[Applet - Hidden Words Puzzle with Spanish words]

There are 32 hidden Spanish words or phrases in this grid. Their English equivalents are listed on the right. They appear horizontally - left or right, vertically - up or down, and diagonally - forwards or backwards. All words have four or more letters.
When you see a word, left-click on the first letter of the word, drag the mouse to the end of the word, and then release the mouse button. If you were right, the letters on the grid will change colour, and the Spanish will appear on the right of the screen.

If you weren't right, then don't give up - it could be part of a longer word.
When you have all 32 words, you haven't quite finished! Look for the final question at the bottom of the screen.
Keep going until you've found all 32 words. It's not easy have fun!

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