Linear Programming in 2 Variables

This applet illustrates with graphs the principles behind 2-variable linear programming, with up to four linear variable constraints, as well as x>e;0 and y>e;0, a variable objective function, and an option to restrict the problem to integer points only so that you can quickly investigate the feasible region.

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

UK Years 12-13, KS5, GCE AS ad A2 Level Decision (Discrete) Mathematics (D1)


Instructions below    See also:   Inequalities - Regions of Graphs

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How to Use this Applet

With this applet you can investigate linear programming by graphs. You can use the four sliders on the left and the buttons at the bottom to change the constraints of the problem.
Checking the "objective function" box at the top enables you to change and see the objective function. So you can investigate the maximum value of the objective function subject to the constraints.

Clicking the button "Integer points of the feasible region" shows small circles representing integer points on the graph.
By playing around you can get a good idea of linear programming techniques so that when you come to draw them for yourself you'll know what to do. Enjoy and have fun as you practise an important skill.