Introducing Polar Coordinates

This applet demonstrates some functions drawn using polar coordinates, which allow the plane to be mapped in terms of the length r of the line from the point to the pole (the centre point), and the angle θ that the line makes with the initial line, which is the line from the pole going to the right (the old positive x-axis). Just like the Cartesian Coordinate system, any point can be mapped in this way.

GCE Further Mathematics - Polar Coordinates - OCR FP2, Edexcel FP2
US Grade 11, Grade 12 - Pre-Calculus

Instructions below

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How to Use this Applet

This applet is designed to introduce you to graphs drawn on polar coordinates. There are several types of graph you can choose from the drop-down menu at the top.
The sliders on the right allow you to vary the angle θ and the zoom.

Checking the box "π-convention" limits the value of the angle θ from -π to +π. Checking the box "show negative r" allows negative values of the r, distance from the pole, to be drawn in green.
Play around and enjoy the beauty of the graphs you see.