Converting Recurring Decimals to Fractions

Learn how to convert recurring decimals to fractions with this interactive Java manipulative applet.

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

UK Years 10-11, KS4, Higher GCSE Mathematics, Grades B - A* - Number and Algebra


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[Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.] Recurring decimals

How to Use this Applet

With this applet you can convert recurring decimals to fractions. Use the examples above to show you how to enter the recurring decimal in the box at the bottom. Make sure that there you only enter 2 'r's. When you have entered click the "calculate" button. You can also click the "random" button to get random decimals and fractions. This will help you see how the applet works and also give you some insight in recurring decimals. If you need to know how to convert using algebra, watch this video. Enjoy!