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Edexcel C1 (Core Mathematics 1 - 6663)

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow


external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Full course specification (Edexcel website)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Mathematical formulae and statistics tables (Edexcel website)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Edexcel C1 (6663) Syllabus Specification (2008) (© Edexcel Ltd.)

NB Calculators and other aids to calculation are not allowed for C1

1 Algebra and Functions

Laws of indices for all rational exponents

Waldomaths video  Indices 1 - Multiplying
Waldomaths video  Indices 2 - Dividing
Waldomaths video  Indices 3 - Powers of powers
Waldomaths video  Indices 4 - Zero and negative powers
Waldomaths video  Indices 5 - Fractional powers
Waldomaths video  Indices 6 - Exponential equations

Use and manipulation of surds

Waldomaths video  Surds 1 - What are surds?
Waldomaths video  Surds 2 - Some basic rules
Waldomaths video  Surds 3 - Simplifying 1
Waldomaths video  Surds 4 - Rationalising the denominator 1
Waldomaths video  Surds 5 - Rationalising the denominator 2
Waldomaths Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Surds worksheet

Quadratic functions, graphs and equations

Waldomaths applet  Quadratics - completing the square
Waldomaths video  Completing the square - video
Link to an external webpage  Completing the square - 2 videos
Waldomaths applet  Quadratics - the discriminant
Waldomaths Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Quadratic formula worksheet

Simultaneous equations

Waldomaths video  Simultaneous equations with quadratics 1
Waldomaths video  Simultaneous equations with quadratics 2

Quadratic inequalities

Waldomaths applet  Quadratic inequalities

Algebraic manipulation of polynomials

Waldomaths applet  Factorising quadratics
Waldomaths applet  Factorising harder quadratics

Graphs of functions

Waldomaths applet  Simultaneous Equations solved graphically 1
Waldomaths applet  Simultaneous Equations solved graphically 2
Waldomaths applet  Intersection of lines and circles
Waldomaths applet  Graphs of standard functions

Transformations of graphs

Waldomaths applet  Polynomial transformations
Waldomaths applet  Trigonometric transformations

2 Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane

Lengths and mid-points of line segments

Waldomaths applet  Coordinate Geometry 1
Link to an external webpage Coordinate geometry - notes (.doc)
Waldomaths applet  Straight line graphs - y = mx + c
Waldomaths applet  Straight line graphs - ax + by + c = 0

3 Sequences and series

Iterative formulae

Link to an external webpage  Sequences and Series - video
Link to an external webpage  Sigma Notation - video

Arithmetic series

Waldomaths video  Arithmetic Series - Proof of the Formula for the Sum of the First n Terms

4 Differentiation

Derivative of f(x) and gradients


Differentiation of polynomials

Waldomaths applet  Differentiating polynomials applet

Applications of differentiation

Link to an external webpage Applications of differentiation - notes (.doc)

5 Integration

Integration of polynomials

Waldomaths applet  Integrating cubics and quadratics applet