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Edexcel D1 (Decision 1 - 6689)

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow


external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Full course specification (Edexcel website)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Mathematical formulae and statistics tables (Edexcel website)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file Edexcel D1 (6689) Syllabus Specification (2008) (© Edexcel Ltd.)


Algorithms - Implementation and Flow Charts


Sorting Algorithms

Waldomaths video  The Bubble Sort Algorithm - video

Bin Packing Algorithms


Algorithms on Graphs

Minimum Connector Algorithms


Shortest Path - Dijkstra's Algorithm


The Route Inspection Problem

Route Inspection - The Chinese Postman Algorithm

Waldomaths video  Route Inspection - The Chinese Postman Algorithm - video

Critical Path Analysis

Activity Networks


Precedence Tables


Algorithm - Earliest and Latest Event, Start and Finish Times


Total Float - Gantt (Cascade) Charts - Scheduling


Linear Programming

Formulating Problems


Graphical Solution of 2-Variable Problem

Waldomaths applet  Linear Programming Graphs

Integer Solutions



Bipartite Graphs for Modelling


Maximum Matching Algorithm