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General GCSE - Basics


This page will be for GCSE revision. The topics listed are GCSE, but from Grades D, E, F and G. If you want to achieve a grade C or higher, then these skills must be known as well and may come up in the new-style GCSE. Please let me know what you think, and what you would like to see here.

Know Squares from 2² to 15², and Cubes from 2³ to 5³ and 10³.

Waldomaths applet  Positive and negative numbers applet

Multiply Simple Decimals

Example 0.7 × 2.4.

Convert between Simple Decimals and Fractions


Increase or Decrease a Number by a Given Percentage


Expand Brackets

Example: 3(2x - 8)

Factorise Simple Expressions


Simplify Expressions by Collecting Like Terms

external  MS Powerpoint presentation  Collecting Like Terms (.ppt)

Solve Simple Equations

Waldomaths applet  Equations 1

Substitute Numbers into Formulae


Areas and Perimeters of Simple Shapes


Area and Circumference of Circles


Rotate Shapes about the Origin

Waldomaths video  Rotations video
Waldomaths applet  Rotations applet

Reflect Shapes in Given Lines

Waldomaths video  Reflections video
Waldomaths applet  Reflections applet

Describe Fully Reflections and Rotations about the Origin

Waldomaths video  Symmetry video
Waldomaths applet  Symmetry 1 applet
Waldomaths applet  Square Symmetry applet
Waldomaths applet  Hexagonal Symmetry applet

Identify Planes and Axes of Symmetry in 3-D Objects


Enlarge Shapes by a Positive Scale Factor

Waldomaths applet  Enlargements applet

Simple Translations of Shapes

Waldomaths video  Translations video
Waldomaths applet  Translations applet

Simple Distance-Time Graphs - Average Speed


Draw Plans and Elevations of 3-D Objects