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General GCSE - Target Grade A


This page will be for GCSE revision, aimed at those of you wanting to achieve at least a Grade A in Maths. Note that you should know all the topics from earlier grade levels as well. Please let me know what you think, and what you would like to see here.


Waldomaths video  Surds 1 video - What are surds?
Waldomaths video  Surds 2 video - Some basic rules
Waldomaths video  Surds 3 video - Simplifying 1
Waldomaths video  Surds 4 video - Simplifying 2

Upper and Lower Bounds of Calculations

Waldomaths video  Upper and Lower Bounds 1 video
Waldomaths video  Upper and Lower Bounds 2 video - calculations

Inequalities - Regions of Graphs

Waldomaths video  Inequalities - Regions of Graphs video
Waldomaths applet  Inequalities - Regions of Graphs video applet

Factorise Harder Quadratic Expressions

Waldomaths applet  Factorising Harder Quadratics

Direct and Inverse Proportion

Waldomaths video  Direct and Inverse Proportionality video

Use Intersections on Graphs to Solve Equations

Waldomaths applet  Simultaneous equations solved graphically applet
Waldomaths applet  Solving equations graphically applet
Waldomaths applet  Circles and lines applet

Lengths of Arcs, Areas of Sectors

Waldomaths video  Circles - Sector Areas and Arc Lengths video
Waldomaths video  Circles - Segment and Triangle Areas video
Waldomaths applet  Sectors, Arcs, Segments applet

Surface Areas and Volumes of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres


Similar 2-D shapes and Area Factors

Waldomaths video  Similar Shapes and Area Factors video

Similar 3-D shapes and Volume Factors


Use Pythagoras for 3-D problems

Waldomaths video  Cuboids video

Sketch and Draw Graphs of Sin, Cos, Tan

Waldomaths applet  Sin, Cos, Tan graphs applet

Congruent Triangles and their use in Proofs

Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 1 video - Introduction
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 2 - SSS
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 3 - SAS
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 4 - AAS
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 5 - RHS

Histograms with Unequal Class Intervals

Waldomaths video  Histograms 1 - Drawing histograms
Waldomaths video  Histograms 2 - Interpreting histograms
Waldomaths video  Histograms - A common type of question

Stratified sampling


Probability - independent and mutually exclusive events