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General GCSE - Target Grade A*


This page will be for GCSE revision, aimed at those of you wanting an A* in Maths. Remember that you must know all the other topics as well as these harder ones. Please let me know what you think, and what you would like to see here.

Indices - Fractional Powers

Waldomaths video  Indices 5 - Fractional Powers
Waldomaths video  Indices 6 - Simple Exponential equations

Algebraic Fractions

Waldomaths video  Simplifying Algebraic Fractions 2
Waldomaths video  Algebraic Fractions 3 - Equations

Non-linear Simultaneous Equations

Waldomaths video  Simultaneous Equations with Quadratic Terms 1
Waldomaths video  Simultaneous Equations with Quadratic Terms 2

Harder Proportionality

Waldomaths video  Harder Proportionality questions

Harder Changing the Subject of a Formula

Waldomaths video  Changing a subject which appears twice

Solving Equations Graphically

Waldomaths applet  Simultaneous equations solved graphically applet
Waldomaths applet  Solving equations graphically applet
Waldomaths applet  Circles and lines applet


Waldomaths applet  Vector addition applet

Trigonometry in 3D

Waldomaths video  Lengths and angles inside cuboids

Completing the Square, Finding Maximum & Minimum Points, Solving Equations

Waldomaths video  Completing the Square 1

Sine Rule, Cosine Rule and Area Formulae

Waldomaths applet  Sine Rule applet
Waldomaths applet  Cosine Rule and Area Formulae applet

Graphs of Exponential Functions


Graphs of Sine, Cosine, Tan

Waldomaths applet  Trigonometric Functions applet

Transformations of Functions

Waldomaths applet  Transformations of Functions applet

Congruent Triangles

Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 1 - introduction
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 2 - SSS
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 3 - SAS
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 4 - AAS
Waldomaths video  Congruent Triangles 5 - RHS


Waldomaths video  Cyclic Quadrilaterals ... Proof
Waldomaths video  Angle at the Centre ... Proof

Harder Probability - Successive Dependent Events

Waldomaths video  Tree diagrams 2 - dependent events
Waldomaths applet  Tree diagrams 1 applet
Waldomaths applet  Tree diagrams 2 applet
Waldomaths applet  Tree diagrams 3 applet