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General GCSE - Target Grade C


This page will be for GCSE revision, aimed at those of you wanting to achieve at least a Grade C in Maths. Please let me know what you think, and what you would like to see here.

Primes, Factors

Waldomaths applet  Factors of Numbers applet
Waldomaths video Factors of Numbers video
Link to an external webpage  All the factors of a number
Emaths page Multiples, factors and primes
Waldomaths applet  Prime Numbers Sieve 1 applet
Waldomaths video  Prime Numbers Sieve 1 video
Waldomaths video  Prime Numbers Sieve 2 applet
Waldomaths video  Prime Factors 1 video


Emaths page Reciprocal
Waldomaths video  Reciprocals 1 video

Multiplying by Numbers between 0 and 1


Dividing by decimals


Estimates of Calculations

Emaths page Estimates of Calculations

One Number as a Percentage of Another


Percentage changes

Emaths page Percentage Increase and Decrease

Using a Calculator Efficiently


Fraction Calculations

Waldomaths applet  Fraction arithmetic applet

Dividing in a given ratio


Ratios and Proportions


Laws of Indices

Waldomaths video  Indices 1 video - Multiplying
Waldomaths video  Indices 2 video - Dividing
Waldomaths video  Indices 3 video - Powers of powers
Waldomaths video  Indices 4 video - Zero and Negative Powers

Upper and Lower Bounds

Waldomaths video  Lower and Upper Bounds 1 video
Emaths page  Upper and Lower Bounds

Expanding Brackets and Simplifying


Linear Equations

Waldomaths applet  Equations 1 applet
Waldomaths video  Equations 1 video
Waldomaths video  Equations 2 video

Trial and Improvement

Waldomaths video  Trial and Improvement 1 video
Emaths page  Trial and Improvement

Changing the Subject of a Formula


Inequalities and Solutions on a Number Line

Emaths page  Representing inequalities on number lines

Multiplying brackets

Emaths page 1 bracket
Emaths page 2 brackets

nth term of a sequence

Emaths page Finding the nth term of a sequence
Waldomaths applet  Linear sequences (nth term) applet
Waldomaths video The nth Term of a Linear Sequence

Plotting Points and Drawing Graphs


Gradients of Straight Line Graphs

Waldomaths video  Straight Line Graphs 1 video - Gradients

Areas and Perimeters of Simple Shapes

Emaths page Circles areas and perimeters

Volumes and Surface Areas of Simple Shapes, including Prisms



Waldomaths video  Translations of Shapes 1 video
Waldomaths applet  Translations of Shapes applet
Emaths page Translating shapes


Waldomaths video  Rotations of Shapes video
Waldomaths Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Rotations worksheet (.pdf)
Waldomaths applet  Rotations of Shapes applet


Waldomaths video  Reflections of Shapes video
Waldomaths applet  Reflections of Shapes applet

Constructions with Ruler and Compasses

Waldomaths video  Bisecting Angles video
Waldomaths video  Perpendicular Bisectors video
Waldomaths video  3 More Constructions video


Waldomaths video  Loci 1 video
Waldomaths video  Loci 2 video


Emaths page Pythagoras
Waldomaths applet  Pythagoras Theorem applet

Estimating the Mean of Grouped Data

Waldomaths video Estimating the Mean of Grouped Data
Emaths page Mean of grouped data

Finding the Modal Class and Median Class of Grouped Data


Scatter Diagrams, Correlation, Line-of-best-fit

Waldomaths applet  Scatter Diagrams, Correlation, Line-of-best-fit applet

Probability - Relative Frequency