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AS and A Level (16 to 19) maths sites    

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow
The Student Room The Student Room - a large collection of A Level revision notes. Excellent. A large collection of fine A Level revision notes from a teacher in Kent, UK.
The Maths Faculty A new resource (Jan 2012) providing videos on A Level and Further Mathematics A Level topics. The podcasts are made by university lecturers, so some of them go into more depth than is strictly necessary for A Level, but they offer deeper insights and give a taste of university Maths for those who are thinking about it. They promise much more soon. Highly recommended.
Mathcentre Mathcentre - self-study worksheets and excellent videos, primarily for students starting maths courses at university, but good for Higher GCSE, AS- and A2- levels. Excellent.
MathTutor MathTutor - self-study worksheets and excellent videos, primarily for students at A level, but also good for Higher GCSE. Excellent. Well-presented notes and examples, with mappings to the syllabus.
Visual Calculus Some good calculus examples shown graphically and algebraically
S-Cool! - A Level Maths Revision Guide Lots of material but a bit thin on explanations.