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GCSE (11 to 16) maths sites   

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow
Emaths - maths resources for students Links to many resources and videos arranged by topic, largely aimed at students wishing to obtain at least a Grade C at GCSE. Excellent.
The Student Room - GCSE Revision Notes A large collection of GCSE Level revision notes. Excellent.
Suffolk Maths A site run by Suffolk County Council, with a large array of resources, of many different types, mainly at GCSE. Covering real-world maths as well as the curriculum, this site is an essential visit.
GCSE Maths Revision Notes, examples and some practice papers. Worth a look.
MathsWatch This site sells a marvellous CD of video clips on GCSE topics.
BBC Bitesize A large collection of GCSE notes and examples. Good.
GCSE.COM Maths Revision A bit gimmicky and probably better for Intermediate than Higher.
GCSE Maths Revision Notes Very detailed and comprehensive, aimed at Higher, a bit dry.
Mathsnet GCSE Site A vast collection of resources for GCSE Maths. Unfortunately, most are by subscription only.
GCSE Practice Papers A subscription site with loads of GCSE and iGCSE paers and worked solutions. Take a look at their free online sample tests.
Manga High Math Games Manga High - a collection of multi-level games on Number, Algebra and Shape. Great fun and excellent learning.