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General Maths Sites   

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow
IXL Math IXL Math for the right and left brain. An excellent US general maths site for young kids up to US Grade 8 (~UK Year 9). Lots of practice, resources, assessment and fun. Highly recommended.
Maths is good for you Maths Is Good For You - a large site with many articles and resources on the wonders and the history of mathematics. Well worth exploring.
AAA Math AAA Math. Another excellent general maths site for young kids up to US Grade 8 (~UK Year 9). Lots of practice, resources, assessment and fun. There are also spelling tests and tests on countries of the world, capitals, etc. Highly recommended.
Dan's Math An excellent general maths site from a college lecturer in California, with notes, reviews and podcasts. Some of the maths is advanced by the site has a wonderful enthusiasm for the subject. Highly recommended.
Bowland Maths Resources for teaching and learning mathematics using real-world problem solving. Lots of ingenious and rich resources, many downloadable. Highly recommended.
Experiencing Maths A wonderfully designed website with lots of ideas on mathematical enrichment for secondary level. Links to a large downloadable .pdf file of resources. Highly recommended.
emaths Emaths - large and widely used UK maths site with many resources for teachers and students. Recommended.
MathsNet A large maths site with many types of visual interactive display, mainly for GCSE and A Level. It is excellent on Shape and Space topics, and has a large section of games and puzzles.
Mr Barton For teachers, pupils, parents, and fun. An excellent example of a teacher making his own fine resources available to everyone.
Schoolworkout For teachers and pupils. Another fine example of a teacher making his own excellent resources available on the web.
Cut-the-Knot Cut-the-knot - interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. Huge and brilliant.
TSM TSM, Technology for Secondary/College Mathematics. A site which contains a very large number of links to maths resources. Maintained at Oundle School by the masterminds of Autograph Software.
Inca geometry Geometry from the Land of the Incas. A fascinating and beautiful site dedicated to theorems of Euclidean Geometry. Lots of animated examples.
Glencoe maths Glencoe Online Maths. A large number of multiple choice tests for learning and revising maths, mainly KS3 (11-14 years).
Nick's miscellany Nick's Mathematical Miscellany - an excellent maths site with many puzzles, riddles, recreations and many links to other sites.
Nrich The NRICH Maths Club. A large resource for mathematics, both educational and recreational. Part of the Millennium Mathematics Project
Motivate Motivate. Cross-curricular videoconferencing for schools. Part of the Millennium Mathematics Project
Plus Plus Magazine - an online maths magazine with articles puzzles, resources, etc. Part of the Millennium Mathematics Project
Mathedup MathedUp! A growing collection of classroom and other resources, including files for Tarsia, EasiTeach, Excel, PowerPoint and other media. Have a look.
Woodlands Junior Woodlands Junior School, Tonbridge, Kent UK. An outstanding example of a primary school website. It's fun and informative (unlike many school sites!). Have a look.
Maths is fun Maths is fun - a rich and entertaining maths website with something for everybody.
Elementary math: Online Educational Games A site with links to boost kids' learning and confidence in basic maths through games and puzzles. There are good sections on real-world maths: money, time, etc.
Maths careers Maths Careers. A site explaining that maths has many everyday applications and its study can lead to a wide variety of careers and opportunities for young people.
Mathworld Mathworld - Eric Weisstein. Possibly the largest and most comprehensive maths resource on the Internet. It is aimed at universities and the mathematics community, but is still interesting for school students.
2 July Mathematics An excellent site with games, puzzles and resources aimed at secondary school kids.
Math Playground An excellent site with games, puzzles and exercises aimed at Junior and Middle school kids.
Explore Learning A site with very rich resources for teachers and students of maths and science. It is a paysite but has free trials and examples.
BBC - Schools - Mathsfile Maths Games and some worksheets for KS3.
Flashy Maths Fun Maths games written in Flash, mainly on KS3 topics.
Madras College Mathematics Department An excellent series of resources from a school in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
MATHAGONY AUNT Some useful resources.
1000 maths problems 1000 Maths Problems. Lots of problems aimed mainly at Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 14), but with some extension material.
Maths - Games, puzzles, revision ... Describes itself as 'a new concept in e-learning solutions'.
Solid shapes and their nets A useful source of information on solid shapes (polyhedra), including nets.
A Maths Dictionary for Kids An entertaining way of learning maths vocabulary. A new site promising lots of resources for maths learning and teaching.
Optical Illusions A fascinating site from Germany demonstrating a wide variety of optical illusions.
MacTutor MacTutor History of Mathematics. A site dealing with the history and people of mathematics. Cool math. A large and attractive site mixing serious study and fun mathematics.
Free Test Online A useful US site with practice and test questions on maths at different levels, as well as other subjects. Good.
Barcode Discount Computer Resource Online Math Tutor Information. A useful US site with a wide range of links to tutoring and other math resources. Good.