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Java Maths Sites   

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow
These sites use Java™ applets to great effect in teaching and learning mathematics. They show the enormous power of Java on the Internet, especially for mathematics.
IES, Japan IES - Manipula Math. Nearly three hundred maths applets from Japan.
Walter Fendt Walter Fendt. 46 excellent maths applets from Germany. He has more on the German language pages and many on other subjects, notably physics.
NLVM NLVM (USA). National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. Interactive Java applets covering all aspects of school maths from 5-19.
Shodor Shodor Educational Foundation, Inc - an excellent US site using interactive resources in maths, science and IT, of which many are Java applets.
Wisweb WisWeb - from the Freudenthal Institute in the Netherlands. Interactive Java applets covering many aspects of school maths.
Gallery Maths Online Gallery Maths Online - the English language page of a fine Austrian site containing Java applets and exercises, encouraging intuitive thinking.
MathinSite MathinSite - a series of applets on mathematical topics from the University of Bournemouth, UK.