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Non-mathematical links

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

Autreville     Autreville - our ruin in Normandy, France. This is the latest project I'm involved in with some friends - restoring a ruined old stone cottage in rural Basse-Normandie. Take a look.

Basic Decompiler Service     As far as I know this is the only service of its kind on the web. If you have some old compiled Basic programs and you can't modify them because you've lost the source code, then this fellow can help. (OK, he's a friend of mine!)

Fetching Etchings     A site selling a wide range of mainly signed, limited-edition etchings and other prints. An essential visit for lovers of fine art. (OK, it's another friend of mine!)

The Mani     The wild history of the Mani, beautiful "middle prong" of the Peloponnese of Southern Greece, is wonderfully told in the book which is reviewed by this site. (OK, the author is my brother!)