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Mathematical Software   

There is a large number of mathematical software packages available teachers and learners. Here are some of the ones I use and recommend.
Autograph Autograph - the most comprehensive package for the Secondary Classroom: graphing, 3D, vectors, transformations, statistics, mechanics, you name it. Both the home versions and the school licence are highly recommended.
Mathematica Home Edition Mathematica is huge and is the king of mathematical software, taking maths to almost any level, with 3D graphics, algebraic manipulation and much, much more. It used to be impossible expensive but now there's a home edition at a much more reasonable cost. Worth thinking about if you are serious about mathematics.
MathType 6.7 MathType is the top equation editor for writing mathematics. The latest versions have more and more integration with other software such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe InDesign. Recommended.
Omnigraph Omnigraph is a versatile and economic graphing package. They do network software for schools and also supply individual versions for students. Recommended.
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is often underestimated as a learning tool. It has a huge array of mathematical functions and is a great tool for investigations and graphing.
Formulator Tarsia From Hermitech Laboratory, Formulator Tarsia is free for non-commercial use, making it ideal for maths teachers. It is used to create Jigsaw-type puzzles for printing, cutting up and distributing fun exercises to students. It contains a fine equation editor and is a valuable and innovative resource.
Yenka Yenka supply software for home or school use in mathenatics, science, technology and computing. The website has several tasters . Take a look.
The Geometer's Sketchpad The Geometer's Sketchpad is a tool for investigating geometry and other topics. It is easy to use and visually impressive.
Tech Powered Math A survey and links to many new techologies online and offline, for maths education using Calculators, Androids, youTube channel, etc. Good.
??? More to come