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OCR C1 - Core Mathematics 1 (4721)

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

General Resources

Link to an external webpage  The OCR Website's A Level Mathematics Pages
Link to an external webpage  OCR Booklet of Formulae and Tables
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  OCR C1 Syllabus Specification (2005) (© OCR)

Surds and indices

Properties and simplification of surds

Waldomaths video  Surds 1 - What are surds?
Waldomaths video  Surds 2 - Some basic rules
Waldomaths video  Surds 3 - Simplifying 1

Rationalising denominators

Waldomaths video  Surds 4 - Rationalising 1
Waldomaths video  Surds 5 - Rationalising 2
Waldomaths Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Surds worksheet

Properties and simplification of indices

Waldomaths video  Indices 1 - Multiplying
Waldomaths video  Indices 2 - Dividing
Waldomaths video  Indices 3 - Powers of powers
Waldomaths video  Indices 4 - Zero and negative indices
Waldomaths video  Indices 5 - Fractional indices
Waldomaths video  Indices 6 - Simple exponential equations

Algebraic expressions

Algebraic expressions, function notation and polynomials


Factorising and cancelling

Waldomaths applet  Factorising quadratics
Waldomaths applet  Factorising harder quadratics


Waldomaths video  Algebraic Fractions 3 - equations

Equations and quadratic functions

Relationships and linear equations


Solving quadratic equations by completing the square and by using the quadratic formula

Waldomaths applet  Quadratics - completing the square
Waldomaths video  Completing the square
Link to an external webpage  Completing the square - 2 videos
Waldomaths Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  Quadratic formula worksheet

Sketching and the discriminant

Waldomaths applet  Quadratics - the discriminant


Linear inequalities in one unknown

Waldomaths applet  Linear inequalities in one unknown

Quadratic inequalities in one unknown

Waldomaths applet  Quadratic inequalities and solutions sets

Simultaneous equations

Linear simultaneous equations

Waldomaths applet  Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous equations with quadratic and other terms

Waldomaths applet  Equations solved graphically
Waldomaths video  Simultaneous equations with quadratic terms 1
Waldomaths video  Simultaneous equations with quadratic terms 2
Waldomaths applet  Circles and Lines

Three cases of the discriminant

Waldomaths applet  Quadratics - the discriminant

Coordinate geometry and the straight line

Lengths and mid-points of line segments

Waldomaths applet  Coordinate Geometry 1
Link to an external webpage Coordinate geometry - notes (.doc)

Gradients, parallel and perpendicular lines


Equations of curves and straight lines





Rates of change, tangents and gradients


Notation and vocabulary


Differentiation from first principles

Link to an external webpage  Differentiation from first principles - 5 videos

Differentiation of polynomials

Waldomaths applet  Differentiating polynomials

Tangents and normals

Waldomaths applet  Tangents and normals

Applications of differentiation

Increasing and decreasing functions

Link to an external webpage Applications of differentiation - notes (.doc)

Stationary points


Maximum and minimum problems

Link to an external webpage  Maxima and Minima - video

Sketching curves 1


Transforming graphs

Graphs of standard functions

Waldomaths applet  Polynomial graphs

Transformations of graphs

Waldomaths applet  Polynomial transformations
Waldomaths applet  Trigonometric transformations

Geometrical interpretation of solutions of equations


Coordinate geometry of the circle

Properties of the circle


Equation of a circle in terms of the radius and centre

Waldomaths applet  Equations of Circles

Tangents to a circle