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OCR C3 - Core Mathematics 3 (4723)

Author and programmer: Ron Barrow

General Resources

Link to an external webpage  The OCR Website's A Level Mathematics Pages
Link to an external webpage  OCR Booklet of Formulae and Tables
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  OCR C3 Syllabus Specification (2005) (© OCR)

Algebra and Functions

Transformations of Graphs

Waldomaths applet  Function transformations
Waldomaths applet  Trigonometric transformations
Waldomaths applet  Polynomial transformations

Domain, range, inverses, composition

Waldomaths applet  Quadratics - domain, range, inverses

The modulus function

Waldomaths applet  Modulus transformations

The logarithmic and exponential functions

Waldomaths applet  Logarithmic transformations
Waldomaths applet  Exponential transformations


The sec, cosec and cot functions

Waldomaths applet  Trigonometric functions

Trigonometric formulae and identities


Inverse trigonometric functions


Calculus (differentiation and integration)

Differentiating logarithmics and exponentials

Waldomaths applet  Differentiating exponentials 1
Waldomaths applet  Differentiating exponentials 2

The Chain Rule

Link to an external webpage  The Chain Rule - video

The Product and Quotient Rules

Link to an external webpage  The Product Rule - video
Link to an external webpage  The Quotient Rule - video

Connected rates of change


Integration using linear substitution


Volumes of revolution


Numerical methods

Locating roots of equations


Convergence and divergence

Waldomaths applet  Cobweb and staircase diagrams

Iterative formulae


Simpson's Rule

Waldomaths applet  Numerical Integration - Simpson's Rule