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A501/01 - Foundation A (FA)

General Resources

Link to an external webpage  The OCR Website's New GCSE Mathematics A - J562 (Graduated Assessment) Pages
Link to an external webpage  OCR GCSE A - J562 Graduated Syllabus Specification (.pdf)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  A501/01 - Foundation A - Syllabus (.pdf © OCR)

Topics and resources - calculators may be used

This list of topics is far from complete, but will be added to frequently. Please check back from time to time for more links and resources.

General problem solving skills


 • Use positive and negative numbers
 • Multiply and divide by powers of 10
 • Multiply and divide by decimals
 • Multiply and divide by negative numbers

Waldomaths applet  Positive and negative numbers applet

Hierarchy of operations
 • brackets (parentheses) and BODMAS)



external  MS Powerpoint presentation  Ratios (.ppt)

Factors, multiples and primes

Waldomaths video  Factors of numbers video
Waldomaths applet  Factors of numbers applet
Link to an external webpage All the factors of a number
Waldomaths video  Eratosthenes Sieve video
Waldomaths applet  Eratosthenes Sieve 1 applet
Waldomaths applet  Eratosthenes Sieve 2 applet
Waldomaths video  Prime factors 1 video
Waldomaths applet  Prime factors, HCF, LCM applet

General algebra and coordinates


Sequences and formulae

Waldomaths video  Making formulae 1 video
Waldomaths video  Making formulae 2 video
Waldomaths video  Making formulae 3 video
Waldomaths video  Simple sequences, nth term video
Waldomaths applet  Simple sequences, nth term applet

Linear equations

Waldomaths video  Equations 1 video
Waldomaths video  Equations 2 video
Waldomaths applet  Simple Equations applet
Waldomaths applet  Harder Equations applet

General measures


Constructions - use a straight edge and a pair of compasses to construct:
 • the bisector of an angle
 • the mid-point and perpendicular bisector of a line segment
 • an equilateral triangle with given side
 • the perpendicular from a point to a line
 • the perpendicular from a point on a line

Waldomaths video  Bisecting an angle video
Waldomaths video  Perpendicular bisectors video
Waldomaths video  3 more constructions (equilateral triangle, perpendicular from a point to a line, perpendicular from a point on a line) - video



Pythagoras' Theorem in 2D

Waldomaths applet  Pythagoras Theorem for right-angled triangles applet

Data Handling
 • the data handling cycle
 • design experiments, surveys, data collection sheets
 • two-way tables
 • draw and produce diagrams (pie charts, bar charts, frequency polygons, fixed-interval histograms, stem-and-leaf)
 • calculate mean, range, median of small data sets
 • identify modal class for grouped data
 • find the median for large data sets
 • estimate the mean of grouped data