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Waldomaths resources
Waldomaths applet - Java applet
Waldomaths video - video (c. 5m)
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A502/01 - Foundation B (FB)

General Resources

Link to an external webpage  The OCR Website's New GCSE Mathematics A - J562 (Graduated Assessment) Pages
Link to an external webpage  OCR GCSE A - J562 Graduated Syllabus Specification (.pdf)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  A502/01 - Foundation B - Syllabus (.pdf © OCR)

Topics and resources - calculators are not allowed

FB1 - General problem solving skills


FB2 - Number


FB3 - Fractions, decimals and percentages

Waldomaths applet Fraction arithmetic 1 - applet

FB4 - Indices and surds

Waldomaths video *Indices 1 - multiplying
Waldomaths video *Indices 2 - dividing

FB5 - General algebra and coordinates


Functions and graphs
 • Functions from real life
 • Simultaneous equations solved algebraically and graphically
 • Straight line graphs and equations

Waldomaths applet Simultaneous equations solved algebraically - applet
Waldomaths video *Simultaneous equations 1
Waldomaths video *Simultaneous equations 1a
Waldomaths video *Simultaneous equations 2
Waldomaths applet Simultaneous equations solved graphically - applet
external  MS Powerpoint presentation Simultaneous equations

FB7 - Inequalities

Waldomaths applet Simple linear inequalities - applet

FB8 - General measures


FB9 - Angles and properties of shapes
 • Lines and angles
 • properties of shapes
 • angles and polygons

Waldomaths applet Angles and crossed lines - applet
Waldomaths applet Angles and parallel lines - applet
Waldomaths applet Angles and triangles - applet

FB10 - Transformations
 • rotations, centres and angles
 • reflections, mirror lines
 • translations, column vectors
 • 3D reflections, mirror planes
 • transforming shapes
 • combinations of transformations
 • congruent shapes
 • enlargements, centres, scale factors
 • similar shapes

Waldomaths video Similarity 1
Waldomaths video Congruent triangles 1
Waldomaths video Reflections video
Waldomaths applet Reflections applet
Waldomaths video Rotations video
Waldomaths applet Rotations applet
Waldomaths video Translations video
Waldomaths applet Translations applet
Waldomaths video Symmetry 1 video - reflections and rotations
Waldomaths applet Symmetry 1 applet - reflections and rotations
Waldomaths applet Symmetry 2 - squares
Waldomaths applet Symmetry 3 - hexagons

FB11 - Bivariate data

Waldomaths applet Scatter diagrams, lines-of-best-fit and correlation