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Waldomaths resources
Waldomaths applet - Java applet
Waldomaths video - video (c. 5m)
MS Word document - MS Word file
Adobe Acrobat .pdf file - Adobe .pdf
MS Powerpoint presentation - MS Powerpoint file

A503/01 - Foundation C (FC)

General Resources

Link to an external webpage  The OCR Website's New GCSE Mathematics A - J562 (Graduated Assessment) Pages
Link to an external webpage  OCR GCSE A - J562 Graduated Syllabus Specification (.pdf)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  A503/01 - Foundation C - Syllabus (.pdf © OCR)

Topics and resources - calculators may be used

General problem solving skills



Waldomaths applet Fraction arithmetic 1 - applet

Upper and lower bounds

Waldomaths video *Upper and lower bounds

Social arithmetic


General algebra and coordinates


Algebraic manipulation


Real-life and non-linear functions


General measures


Area and volume


The study of chance