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A503/02 - Higher C (HC)

General Resources

Link to an external webpage  The OCR Website's New GCSE Mathematics A - J562 (Graduated Assessment) Pages
Link to an external webpage  OCR GCSE A - J562 Graduated Syllabus Specification (.pdf)
external Adobe Acrobat .pdf file  A503/02 - Higher C - Syllabus (.pdf © OCR)

Topics and resources - calculators may be used

1 General problem solving skills


2 Number

Waldomaths applet Fraction arithmetic 1 - applet

3 Standard index form

Waldomaths applet Standard Index Form

4 Upper and lower bounds

Waldomaths video *Upper and lower bounds 1
Waldomaths video *Upper and lower bounds - calculations

5 Social arithmetic
 • Percentage change
 • Proportional change
 • Exponential Growths and Decay

Waldomaths video Percentage Multipliers 1
Waldomaths video Proportion 1
Waldomaths video Proportion 2

6 General algebra and coordinates


7 Algebraic manipulation
 • Expanding two brackets
 • Factorising Quadratics
 • D.O.T.S (Difference of Two Squares)
 • Completing the Square
 • The Quadratic Formula
 • Simultaneous Linear and Quadratic Equations

Waldomaths applet Factorising Quadratics, icluding D.O.T.S
Waldomaths applet Factorising Harder Quadratics
Waldomaths applet Quadratics - completing the Square
Waldomaths video Completing the Square 1
Waldomaths video Simultaneous Equations with Quadratic Terms 1
Waldomaths video Simultaneous Equations with Quadratic Terms 2

8 Real-life and non-linear functions
 • Constructing loci
 • Plotting Quadratics
 • Simultaneous Linear and Quadratic Equations
 • Simple Cubic Functions
 • Simple Transformations of Functions and Graphs

Waldomaths video Loci 1
Waldomaths video Loci 2
Waldomaths applet Quadratic Graphs
Waldomaths applet Recognising Graphs
Waldomaths applet Simultaneous Equations Solved Graphically
Waldomaths applet Cubic and Quadratic Graphs
Waldomaths applet General Function Transformations
Waldomaths applet Transformations of Sine and Cosine

9 General measures


10 Area and volume

Waldomaths applet Arcs and Sectors of Circles
Waldomaths video Arcs and Sectors of Circles

11 Extension Trigonometry and Pythagoras' Theorem

Waldomaths video *Lengths and angles in cuboids
Waldomaths video Segments of Circles

12 The study of chance

Waldomaths video *Tree diagrams 1 - independent events
Waldomaths video *Tree diagrams 2 - dependent events
Waldomaths applet Tree diagrams 1 applet
Waldomaths applet Tree diagrams 2 applet
Waldomaths applet Tree diagrams 3 applet